You'll Learn How To

  • Use Essential Entrepreneurial Skills

    Understand what entrepreneurship is and how it can be used as a skill set

  • Build a Launch-Ready Idea

    Apply proven entrepreneurial concepts to develop a launch-ready business idea

  • Become a Creative Problem Solver

    Learn how to overcome any business problem by using an entrepreneurial mindset

About This Course

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    2. Getting Started Survey!

    1. 1. Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset Introduction

    2. 1.1. What's an Entrepreneur?

    3. 1.1. What's an Entrepreneur?

    4. What Does It Mean Assignment

    5. Let's Discuss What's An Entrepreneur

    6. 1.2. Decision Making for Entrepreneurs

    7. 1.2. Decision Making

    8. Let's Discuss Role Play

    9. 1.3. Dealing With Fear

    10. 1.3. Dealing with Fear

    11. Let's Discuss Quotes

    12. Things That Scare Me Assignment

    13. Module 1 Recap Quiz

    1. 2. Your Corner of the Universe Introduction

    2. 2.1. Getting Inspired to Problem Solve

    3. 2.1. Getting Inspired to Problem Solve

    4. Let's Discuss Free Writing

    5. 2.2. Problem Identification

    6. 2.2. Problem Identification

    7. Let's Discuss 99 Problems

    8. Bring Your Passion Assignment

    9. 2.3. Finding Solutions

    10. 2.3. Finding Solutions

    11. Customer Persona Assignment

    12. 2.4. Time for Feedback

    13. 2.4. Time for Feedback

    14. Practicing Feedback Assignment

    15. Let's Discuss Self Reflection

    16. Module 2 Recap Quiz

    1. 3. Idea Development Introduction

    2. 3.1. Solidify Your Solution

    3. 3.1. Solidifying Your Solution

    4. Solidifying Your Solution Assignment

    5. 3.2. Make It Feel Real

    6. 3.2. Make It Feel Real

    7. Market Research Assignment

    8. 3.3. Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    9. 3.3. Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    10. What's My MVP Assignment

    11. 3.4. Further Develop MVP

    12. 3.4. Further Develop MVP

    13. Plan It Assignment

    14. Offer It Assignment

    15. Module 3 Recap Quiz

    1. 4. Learning & Testing Introduction

    2. 4.1. Intro to Markets

    3. 4.1. Intro to Markets

    4. Talk to Your Audience Assignment

    5. 4.2. Validating Business Hypotheses

    6. 4.2. Validating Business Hypotheses

    7. Validate Your Business Hypotheses Assignment

    8. 4.3. Customer Interviews

    9. 4.3. Customer Interviews

    10. Writing Interview Questions Assignment

    11. Let's Discuss Practicing Customer Interviews

    12. Module 4 Recap Quiz

About this course

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  • 102 lessons

What's Included With Your Course

  • 26 Complete Lessons

    Enjoy 26 lessons complete with quizzes, worksheets, and online exercises. Take what you’re learning and immediately put it into action to launch your business ideas.

  • Instructional Videos

    Experience 1-on-1 videos that walk you through the trickiest parts of building your own entrepreneurial mindset. You’ll be confident and ready to create your great idea!

  • Unlimited Updates

    Enjoy unlimited updates to the course! No extra costs or hidden fees. Continue to use it as a reference or as a motivational tool.

What You Will Learn in This Course

  • How to identify a business idea with a clear problem and relevant solution, and to define the ideal customer for that business.

  • How to create a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to test market demand for your idea.

  • How to create a business name and logo that will represent your real business venture.

  • How to create an elevator pitch and a business pitch deck to attract customers and partners immediately!

What People Are Saying About the Course Curriculum

“The best thing I learned through this program is the pitch deck and how to manage my finances. These are topics that aren’t normally taught in schools, so it’s amazing I have this knowledge that will definitely be useful in the future.”

Jessica, 10th Grader

“At the start of this program, I had no idea how to be an entrepreneur, I merely just liked the idea of it. The book, mentor sessions, and workshops all gave me great insight and valuable information that I can use in the present and future.”

Sandra, 11th Grader

“I learned a lot about turning my ideas to reality from the small baby steps, and knowing how to deal with obstacles on my entrepreneurial journey. I also learned about being a true leader who influenced other team members to strive for success together.”

Vy, 10th Grader

“Highly recommend for any educational program with teen girls, or really for any girl who wants to let her imagination run wild and eventually turn it into reality”

Marissa M., Non-Profit Director

“I have been using parts of this book for my high school Entrepreneurship class and it is so incredibly user-friendly. It is the perfect book for budding entrepreneurs! The activities are timely, thoughtful and engaging. I recommend this book fully!”

ARIANA W., High School Teacher

“I couldn’t believe how straightforward yet creative this curriculum was. It was amazing watching our girls come up with their own ideas and build the confidence to pursue them. I’m excited for what’s in store for them next!”

Chris P., College Advisor

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I take this course at my own pace?

    Yes of course! Each module is meant for students at their own speed. Whether you want to take your time and hone the concepts or use this as a crash course, this course is meant for you.

  • I’m a complete beginner. Is this course a good fit?

    Beginners will definitely benefit from this course! This course goes over the fundamentals of entrepreneurship so you can build a solid foundation to help you brainstorm your idea and get it started.

  • How long until I get access to this course?

    You have access to this course forever. There are no time limits or restrictions.

  • What format is this course delivered in?

    This is a structured course with lesson plans and worksheets. Although it’s not a video course, the course has supplemental videos to help you understand the most important topics.

  • Is my credit card payment secure?

    We’ve partnered with Thinkific and Stripe to help ensure that all your online payments are secure.