Mindset & Milestones

A course for girls to learn how to solve problems and to think like an entrepreneur

Social Proof and Testimonials

“At the start of this program, I had no idea how to be an entrepreneur, I merely just liked the idea of it. The book, mentor sessions, and workshops all gave me great insight and valuable information that I can use in the present and future.”

Sandra, 11th Grader

“I couldn’t believe how straightforward yet creative this curriculum was. It was amazing watching our girls come up with their own ideas and build the confidence to pursue them. I’m excited for what’s in store for them next!”

Chris P., College Advisor

“The best thing I learned through this program is the pitch deck and how to manage my finances. These are topics that aren’t normally taught in schools, so it’s amazing I have this knowledge that will definitely be useful in the future.”

Arlene, 10th Grader

“I learned a lot about turning my ideas to reality from the small baby steps, and knowing how to deal with obstacles on my entrepreneurial journey. I also learned about being a true leader who influenced other team members to strive for success together.”

Vy, 10th Grader

“Highly recommend for any educational program with teen girls, or really for any girl who wants to let her imagination run wild and eventually turn it into reality.”

Marissa M., Non-Profit Director

“I have been using parts of this book for my high school Entrepreneurship class and it is so incredibly user-friendly. It is the perfect book for budding entrepreneurs! The activities are timely, thoughtful and engaging. I recommend this book fully!”

ARIANA W., High School Teacher

Founder & CEO

Mindset & Milestones

I’m Diondraya Taylor, and I’m the founder of Mindset & Milestones. I got my first exposure to entrepreneurship during my time at UCLA while getting my B.S. in psychobiology, and eventually picked up a minor in entrepreneurship purely out of interest in just how it’s a vehicle for pushing innovation.

At the same time, I also began to delve deeper into issues of gender equity and understood education to be a big part of the problem and also the solution. So I decided to ask more questions and am currently working on a Ph.D. in education to do exactly that. As I worked in and fell in love with the startup space, I recognized entrepreneurship as an amazing tool to encourage innovation, goal setting, and boldness in girls at a time when gender inequity is still a reality.

When I created Mindset and Milestones, my initial vision was to develop a self-guided workbook for girls to explore entrepreneurship. What I quickly realized was that what girls needed wasn’t simply more resources, but rather a safe space, supported by trusted mentors, where they could experience mindset shifts and see for themselves how remarkably possible their own ideas are.

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